The Man

Gerhard was born on 6 September 1979 in the little town Parys in South Africa to Manie Breedt and Nelie Breedt. He grew up in a loving Christian house with his older brother and younger sister. Gerhard married Elanie in 2003 and they have two boys, Manie and Christo.

Gerhard was born with clubfoot, a birth defect in which his feet were twisted out of shape. In his baby years, he needed to go through treatment for this and it included stretching and casting. Gerhard cried a lot during this time and his mom says that she could not even vacuum the house, for he would cry hysterically as soon as he heard the sound of the vacuum cleaner, as it reminded him of the saw machine they used in the hospital to take off his casts. On one of these incidents, while Gerhard was crying his dad could not bear it any longer and picked Gerhard up and in desperation prayed to God to heal him, and at that moment Gerhard was healed.

Gerhard knew since young that he was going into ministry and that God was going to use him; it was prophesied more than once over his life. He studied theology from 2004 – 2007 through the AFM theological college and the University of Johannesburg. Then he ministered in the AFM for two years.

 In 2009 God spoke to Gerhard through a dream that it was time to move on in his spiritual journey, a journey of self-discovery and awakening to the Zoe Life. At that time, Zoe Life was founded

The Mystic

Gerhard has dedicated his life in service to all who desire to live and experience the Zoe Life. Sins 2009 Gerhard had the privilege to minister in several countries revealing God’s love to people by life-changing teachings, healings, and accurate insight into people’s personal matters.

The Mission

The mission of Gerhard’s teachings and programs is to move people’s awareness from a mind of separation to a place of experiencing the indwelling loving presence of God to discover the original you, the “I Am” and to enjoy the gift of life to the full.