Sowing Seed and Partnering 

Immediate payments





Contribute  to Zoe Life (EFT)

First National Bank

Account Name: Zoe Family Church
Account No: 62220020820
Branch No: 260216            SWIFT: FIRNZAJJ

Teaching seed (EFT)

Standard Bank

GJ Breedt
Acc No:414354389
Branch No: 011545 SWIFT: SBZAZAJJ

Partner with us
Your contribution will make a massive difference in people’s lives all over the world. Every day the message of Jesus and His Grace is beamed into homes all over the world. The channel is reaching places which is difficult to visit and where preaching the gospel might not be permitted.

Contributions from as little as R100/month, or any larger amount would be appreciated and used purely for the channel to reach more people for Christ.

Your support helps us to take the Word to the world.

Our South African partners can either use the PayFast link below or download a Debit Order form. After completion and signature the form can be emailed back to us.
Click Here
for Debit Order form.
For our International Partners we have included a Currency converter above to assist and you can then enter the ZAR value in the PayFast link below.

Recurring Partner Payment

* Enter the Amount in ZAR that you Commit to us and click on the Payfast button