Overview of Curriculum

1. Word Study

1.1.The Revelation of Jesus Christ:
i. Crucifixion of Jesus
a. What was the meaning
b. What did it bring
ii. The Book of Revelations
iii. Prophecies about Christ
iv. What promises were made and fulfilled.
1.2.Kingdom Principles:
i. The Higher life
ii. Believe – The right to be called sons of God
iii. Old Covenant vs New Testament
Establishing Your Position in Christ (Purpose of this Academy)
1.3.Your Time-line
i. Which Kingdom
ii. How do you read the Word and which time-line truth appeal to you
iii. How is your believe about Kingdom influencing your ministry
1.4.The Gospel of His Grace:
i. The First Adam and Law
ii. The Second Adam and Grace
a. Son sets Free
b. His Image
c. Life and not Death
iii. Faith
iv. The Mind of Christ
a. Repent
v. Manifesting Sons
a. Creation expectantly awaits
b. Healing for today
c. Greatest is Love
d. Speaking the Word
vi. The Holy Spirit
a. Receive Power
b. Your Authority and Position
vii. The Body of Christ
a. Who the Son sets free:
b. One flesh – His flesh
c. Old has passed – Christ lives in you
viii. Gifts of the Spirit
a. Revelation Gifts
i. Word of Wisdom
ii. Word of Knowledge
iii.Discerning of spirits
b. Power Gifts
i. Faith
ii. Healings
c. Utterance Gifts
i. Prophecy
ii. Diverse tongues
iii.Interpretation of Tongues

2. Elements of Ministry
i. We are Sons of God and can function in all that He has given us.
a. Know your Audience
b. Understand your purpose for a particular mission
c. Adapt and be what is required eg. Evangelise, Prophecy, etc.
ii. Power Evangelism
iii.Behavioural Ministry
a. Brain Preference Profile – Neethling Brain Instrument (NBI)
b. Behavioural Preference – Dr David Merrill
iv. General Services, Outreaches, Conferences and Crusades
v. Praise and Worship

3. Practical Ministry.
i. Prayer
ii. Hearing, Receiving and Speaking the Word
iii. Sermon preparation
a. Bible background
b. Relevance
iv. Presentation skills
v. Personal Ministry
a. The need for a mentor, etc.
vi. Personal attention
vii. Time management
viii.Multiplication and Growth
ix. Delegating, Empowering and Mentoring
x. Seed sowing and Giving

4. Media, Equipment and Instruments
i. Establishing social and other media presence
ii. Defining environment and equipment requirements
iii.Setting up media environment
iv. Acquiring media equipment
v. Establishing broadcasting requirements
vi. Instruments for Worship

5. Church administration
i. Vision and Mission
ii. Registration requirements
iv. Partnering, Offerings and Contributions
v. Establishing helpers and workers

6. Implementation
i. Praise and Worship workshops
ii. Internship
iii.Arranging crusades, outreaches, seminars, etc.
iv. Participation in external services
v. Student external services