Communion Album Mp3 Download


Communion is an album with five music tracks produced by Gerhard Breedt. Each track is designed to make it easy for you to soak, meditate or just to get lost in God’s presence. It is not only music but a tool that will help you to bring your focus to God and to enjoy communion with Him.

How to use the Music Tracks

Track 1 (I Pray) is a track that is designed to help you to get your mind cleared and focused. Start by praying with understanding. Make all your requests known to God to get it off your chest and out of your mind. This will allow you to relax in God’s presence. Then pray in the Spirit, I encourage you to do this out loud for the duration of the track.

Use Tracks 2-5 to meditate, soak and enjoy communion with the Spirit.

Snippets from the tracks

I Pray


I have done it for you (528Hz  Binaural Theta Brainwave)


Loving Father


River of Joy


Heavenly Places

Produced and Mixed by Gerhard Breedt

Special thanks to:
Elanie Breedt for vocals and keys
Daniel Westley for vocals and guitar
Chris Knell for vocals
Track one by Chris Collins,