Your Invitation to Freedom

 Whoever is searching for Higher Truth is engaged in Satsang.

The root of the word may be Sanskrit, but the implication is universal.

Satsang can take many forms. It may be teaching sessions with Gerhard or where questions are answered, and guidance is given. Satsang can also take the form of music, where we sing together.

Satsang is to recognize consciously our identity and nature, the “I Am” that is perfect, complete, and unchanging, the source of love, joy, and peace.

 In Satsang, this identification is made possible when you are introduced to formless awareness—to God, the Spirit of Truth—which is your very own source of life and light and that without it, nothing exists.

Welcome to Satsang.

Sundays @ 9h30

81 Aberdeen Street

Clubview Centurion

South Africa